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International Patients Department of our hospital, serves patients from foreign countries. Patients who apply to our hospital are assisted by our department for their, examination and treatments.

Our hospital, which aims to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases, serves with academicians who are dedicated to their profession, well-trained specialist doctors, nurses and personnel. Our inpatient clinics serve mainly with Adult and Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery and Thoracic Surgery with a bed capacity of 260. All the patients’ rooms are designed according to high quality standards and as single suite rooms.Also; internal medicine, infectious diseases, neurology, nephrology,plastic surgery, nephrology, general surgery, physiotherapy and dental clinics services serve as consultation for the inpatients or outpatients clinics.

We have three intensive care units in our hospital; coronary care unit (CCU), pediatric intensive care unit (PedICU) and cardiovascular surgery intensive care unit (CVICU). Highly advanced care and patient oriented treatments are provided to all of our patients in these units by the talented physicians,surgeons and staff who work together with the latest technology and innovative techniques to promote fast recovery of the patients.

All types of adult and pediatric cardiac and peripheral vascular surgical procedures has been performed with very high success rates in our 11 fully equipped operating rooms. Diagnosis and treatment of fatal arrhytmias with advanced electrophysiologic and interventional techniques, open-heart, robotic,vascular surgery and surgical treatment of varicose veins are being widely performed in our hospital. 

Our hospital participates in international multicenter clinical trials, supporting basic and clinical research efforts.

Prof.Dr.Abdurrahman EKSİK (2).jpg

Professor Doctor Abdurrahman EKSİK/ Clinical Chair

 Doç.Dr.Mehmet ERTÜRK (2).jpg

 Associate Professor Mehmet ERTÜRK/ Medical Director

 Başasistan Ahmet Arif Yalçın.jpg

 Associate Professor Ahmet YALÇIN(Başasistan)

 Kardiyoloji Fatih Uzun

 Associate Professor Fatih UZUN

 Ömer Çelik

 Associate Professor Ömer ÇELİK

 Doç.Dr.Hamdi Püşüroğlu.jpg

 Associate Professor  Hamdi PÜŞÜROĞLU


 Eğitim Görevlisi Prof.Dr.Vedat Erentuğ.jpg

Professor Doctor Vedat ERENTUĞEğitimSorumlusu)

 Başasistan Doç.Dr.Burak Onan.jpg

 Associate Professor  Burak ONAN

 Uzm.Dr.Mehmet Kaya.jpg

 Associate Professor  MEHMET KAYA

 Kalp Damar Cerrahisi Uzm.Dr.Ünal Aydın.jpg

Associate Professor  Ünal AYDIN (Başasistan)


 Attending Physician  Muhammed BAYRAM


Doç.Dr.Alper Güzeltaş (2).jpg

Associate Professor  Alper GÜZELTAŞ/ Pediatric Cardiology Education Officer

 Doç.Dr.Yakup Ergül.jpg

Associate Professor  YAKUP ERGÜL

 Uzm.Dr.Erkut Öztürk.jpg

Associate Professor  ERKUT ÖZTÜRK/ Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care



 Doç.Dr.Sertaç HAYDİN (2).jpg

Associate Professor SERTAÇ HAYDİN/ Children Cardiovascular Surgery 

 Doç.Dr.İsmihan Selen Onan.jpg

  Associate Professor  İSMİHAN SELEN ONAN

 Op.Dr.Okan Yıldız.JPG

 Operator Doctor OKAN YILDIZ


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International Patients Unit Phone Number:   +90 212 692 20 00
Ext.No:   4070
Fax No:  +90 212 548 00 68
E-Posta : istanbuleah31.sagtur@saglik.gov.tr